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How To Pass a Drug Test

Urine Drug Testing
- How To Pass Urine Drug Test

Hair Drug Testing
- How To Pass Hair Drug Test

Saliva Drug Testing
- How To Pass Saliva Drug Test

Marijuana Drug Testing

How long does marijuana stay in your system

Urine Drug Testing

When you take pre-employment test, you will be sending to a Drug Testing Clinic. They will take a sample of your urine and send it out to a lab. Customary as a rule you need 60cc (60mL) of urine. At the lab they will perform an immunoassay. It is a test where a lab technician uses a substance that reacts with only one other substance. Usually this reaction is indicated like change in color, pH, density, etc.

If you fail the immunoassay, the lab will confirm the test with a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry test. This drug test works by separating every chemical in your urine. It will tell you exactly how much of ANY substance is in your urine.

Gas chromatography / mass spectrometry is much more expensive then Immunoassay and requires very delicate equipment, and takes much more time. So they will almost ALWAYS use an immunoassay first.
Detection time is up to 45 days.

How to pass a urine drug test?

You can try to dilute your sample by drinking large amounts of water or
use someone else's urine. And it's true that poppy-seed ingestion can cause false positives for opiates a few hours later in urine tests. But labs claim that hair analysis can distinguish between opiate abuse and poppy-seed ingestion.
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When you dilute your sample by drinking much water your urine will have other color and smell. The lab will see that it's clear and test the creatine level, because when you dilute your urine, the creatine level drops rapidly. The federally set sensitivity level for drug testing companies is 50nl of THC per 60cc of urine. That's small, but to these tests, even 10nl could theoretically set it off. So it can make you fail.

When you use someone else's urine, you face two problems : where to find it and how to make the temperature of the urine normal. You will be nervous and it's too bad.

So two of this way can make you fail. If you really want to pass a drug test, buy drug detox. It's much easier and guaranteed 200 %. Money Back Guarantee. ALL PRODUCTS SHIPPED IN PLAIN BOXES. We respect with your privacy!

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Don't believe anything about eating niacin pills, green tea, or cranberry juice. They will all speed up your metabolism (cranberry just makes you pee a lot), but none of them will eliminate canabinoids from your urine, only special detox products.

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