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How To Pass a Drug Test

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- How To Pass Urine Drug Test

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Marijuana Drug Testing

How long does marijuana stay in your system

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Detection period of marijuana in your system depends on many factors: how old are you, your weight, what habits you have, your metabolism is slow or quick and other.

In average if you used marijuana just once, it can be detected in your blood in 2-3 days. Saliva drug test can identify cannabis during 12-24 hours. Most often they use urine drug testing. It can detect thc in 2-3 days after use. But the longest time cannabis saves in your hair. By hair drug test it can be detected in 90 days after use.

If you use marijuana more often (habitual use), it will be detected in your blood and urine longer. For blood drug test the detection period increases to 2 weeks, urine drug test up to 12 weeks.

Itís in average. If your weight is more than 200 lbs marijuana will be longer in your system. Because after cannabis gets in your blood it stores in body fat, than gradually eliminate from the body through feces and urine.

Also if you are middle-aged or older you have slow metabolism and marijuana stay in your body longer.

You can decrease the detection period, if you will do sport or some exercises. Because of exercises fat burns and metabolism increases and cannabis are excluded from your body quicker.
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Now you know how long does marijuana stay in your system and can decide buy detox products or not.